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Item List

Prince Hall Grand Chapter Order of The Eastern Star

GWM Keona Cowan, GWP Brian Johnson

Circle of Perfection

RGPM Cosandra A. Dixon Wheeler, Royal Grand Chief Advisor is Richard Johnson, Sr.


Imperial Deputy Rosalannd Daley

Heroines of Jericho

Most Ancient Grand Matron Rudeen Hendrix, Most Worthy Grand Joshua Stephen M. Copher, Jr.

Heroines of Templar Crusades

Grand Princess Captain Evelyn MannGrand Royal Advisor Sir Knight Wendell Sherley

Holy Royal Arch Masons

Grand High Priest Ronald Stewart

Knights Templar

Right Eminent Grand Commander Willie J. Ramsey

Knights of Pythagoras

State Director Sir Knight Bernt C. Walker

Knights of The York Cross of Honor

Michigan Council of Deliberation

Imperial Deputy Rosalannd Daley

Nobles of The Mystic Shrine

Imperial Deputy Gerald B. Williams

Order of The Golden Circle

State Grand Loyal Lady Ruler Carolyn Taylor

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